Thursday, May 30, 2013

Will I ever say anything RIght???

 hate that this has happened to us.  Hate that we have to think about everything we say to the nth degree before we even say anything..

Last night I made a comment on a media site that I was envious of others----what a maelstrom ensued after that, about how petty I am, how I should be grateful I can post at all, that others have far less then me, that all I do is moan and groan over my situation, other people can't pay their rent and we don't see them moaning and groaning the way you do---always trying to hawk your shawls and get other peoples money for yourself and then you have the nerve to say your envious.

You are right I am wrong!!! Does that make you feel better. I should have spelled it out. I am envious that you do have a job, that you can pay your bills and that you can walk,  and aren't disabled, that you have health insurance, that you actually have people who care and not denigrate you when you are already down, does any of that justify my statement at all.

Envy does not always imply material things. I HAVE plenty---I could be a millionaire and except for a few close friends and family never choose to travel because I don't really like to travel, especially since my mobility issues.

If I could HAVE anything it would be first and foremost, enough $$$ to pay our bills, health insurance, answers to my mobility issues and more time with my grandchildren.  The only THINGS I need are a new mattress and new sofa but they are a long way in coming, and the only travel I would really like is to see Debb in Alabama, and maybe a couple of days in the sun with hubby for our 40th anniversary, I don't think even these few wants are enough to warrant the abuse my message box took last night.

I really need to learn to go back to private diaries and keep my fingers off the social media keypads!

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