Friday, May 31, 2013

It Is Hard Sometimes...

To always have to struggle with any issue. I've worked hard all my life. Saved... and lost. Saved... and lost again. And again. But I keep pulling myself up by the bootstrap and still dream and hope that this time things will be better. I don't find it wrong to envy what other have or get so easy. Why? because that helps create hope and the desire to achieve things. But I know it is just as easy to give up and live in anguish and despair. Been there, done that many times. Yes, Ms. G. People can be mean and harsh... and yes, most of the time just people who have no common manners. And most of all they have never walked in your shoes. Oh, yes, they like to pass judgements.... but they are the one that say to the poor man ... go out and get a job. Even though the poor man has a job.... the rich don't want to pay him what he is worth so they keep him poor. This is a world of the haves and the have nots.

I know you aren't asking for that luxury vacation or fur coat. Just enough to have what you need to get by, go to the doctor, afford your medicines. That is what we all need. And Yes.... it is ok to to share your thoughts and hardship on your social media sites.... and those that comment negatively... are NOT FRIENDS or very good family members. And they probably have no clue what it is like to NOT HAVE.

This is the reason for this blog.... to vent. To scream. To let it all out without negative backlash. If you don't like it... GO AWAY. This blog is not for you!

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