Saturday, June 1, 2013

Miracle acknowledged

i have been desperate lately---like days from homeless, and NO ONE took me seriously

one morning in my many arguements with the Almighty, I suggested that he could not possibly be real

After all my sister died earlier in the year and if anyone would want to help us it would be her---just for the bragging rights if for nothing else, and so far neither her, or mom or dad or any of my relatives had reached from the great beyond.

I posted my frustration and fears on another forum in a thread just for venting----not for finding answers just to get it off your chest

That same day an angel read my tirade---she sent me two months of rent so that we can get out from the pressure and back on our feet, The first months check came today---I have never been so humbled in my life, and never had a prayer answered so eloquently

I am sorry Almighty, and sorry sis that I doubted you---BRAG Away!!!