Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Will Never Understand

It has always amazed me that other people think that they have the right to tell you how you should live your life. Seems that they are the only people in the world that knows all that is right and all that is wrong. I've been told all my life that... you don't smile enough...so I smile...then I'm told you smile too much. You don't talk enough--you talk too much. You help too much--you don't help enough. So tell me...what is one to do? I try to do right by others and I'm constantly being told
that I am wrong... it gets old when you are told that some people just have low self esteem... well I say, grow the fuck up. I'm suppose to take your negative comments, but you can't handle it. I say you don't have a self esteem problem...YOU ARE A BULLY. Yes that is right. You are a bully and no longer worth my time and effort to care.

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  1. sometimes I wonder if we are related---I go through the same thing on a daily basis. My buttons must be so obvious because everyone knows how to push them

    Yes I am asking for sympathy from others, that was why I complained on my blog, I was not asking for hand outs I was not expecting anything except maybe a kind word or a pat on the back but in one post I mention how people love to point out how wrong I am about anything and I get told I am ungrateful. I am lost right now I have no way to vent and the pressure builds and builds I am very afraid of what I might do, not to anyone else but to myself and I feel like no one cares

    I don't think that is how life is meant to be spent.