Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Start of Something New

Today I decided to create a blog. One that I can post my rants and opinions on. I am so tired of people who dare tell you that your opinion is wrong. Wrong? WTF!!! Everyone has the right to their own opinion-- You just don't have to agree.

So my rant for today. When will I ever learn. You know I consider myself a Christian. But more and more I'm finding that so many so called Christians are not Christians at all. How can one call themselves that if say one thing but do another. Lie, steal, and think themselves so far above everyone else that only their opinion is correct.

I will not mention names or companies. But I have worked for four so called Christian based companies... only to get basically slapped in the face by reality. Hmmm, seems their God overlooks their faults by allowing them to put blame on everyone else but themselves. I guess you could call them narcissistic. Yes, that is it. That is the correct word to use for them. They and God are the only ones that know everything. HA!

I know, I am at fault as well. Gibb slap me in the back of the head for not learning and repeating the same reality over and over. But hey, not after this last time. There will be no more word of mouth agreements ... from NOW ON there will be a signed contract for all my future work. No more letting them get the best of me.

Ok, so this is my start of this blog. It is really here for me to vent. I am not a writer or a copy editor... so don't judge me.

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